Open mouth, Enter foot

This is Isaac discovering his feet for the very first time at Grandpa Gene's house on Saturday. He was very determined to make the connection and prevailed, triumphantly slurping away at his toes. Way to go, Ike! Isaac's 7 month stats: Weight - 16lbs!! Height - 24.5in And some of his latest activities: - Likes sticking fingers (anyone's), toes and random objects in his mouth. - Has rolled over several times, but only when his mom was not in the room. - Exuberantly expresses his emotions, from squeals of delight to agonizing wails. - Talks up a storm - if only we knew what the heck he's saying. - Needs to be on the move at all times, preferably in the comfort of someone's arms. - Enjoys listening to music, especially Bob Marley. - Wakes up a couple of times per night just to make sure that mom & dad are still nearby. - Gobbles up rice cereal and is hoping his mom will give him oatmeal soon, too. - Loves it when his dad hangs him upside down and makes him a "flying baby."


  • You and Grandma Lala . . . she's a toe-sucker too!
    Just think . . . if rice cereal makes a toe-sucker out of you, just wait til you get a hold of a Big Mac and fries! You're too cute for words!

    By Blogger Grandpa Joe, at 2:54 PM  

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