Fall in love

Fall is my favorite season. We have our birthdays in October, and our wedding anniversary in November. And it's so darn pretty with the colors. Don't the leaves compliment Isaac's hair quite well?


Nature Boy

Being outdoors seems to calm a baby so much. Isaac is no exception. I tried to teach him how to roll down the hill, but he preferred to crawl backwards.


Beach Baby

Isaac is a water baby through and through. We've known it for awhile now. His enthusiasm for pools and tubs is extraordinary. This was his first time at a beach. A Minnesota kind of beach. We'll get him to the ocean soon enough. But here he was able to propel himself via a floaty device, and even partook of some sand.



This wasn't Josh's first Father's Day. Isaac arrived just in time for that last year. But last June was surrounded by a lot of fear and sadness over Isaac's early entrance. So it was difficult for Josh to celebrate the day, other than being the first person to kangaroo with the boy. Now there is much to celebrate, and it has been fun to watch my husband turn into this fun loving goof of a guy who relishes making our little boy laugh.


Just Amazing

I thought that I would be more emotional when we got to this momentous occasion, but mostly I'm just so proud of the boy and all that he's been through. He continues to amaze us everyday. Happy first year, Isaac!


Should we be worried?

This is the boy's latest trick. What's next? Climbing the bookshelves?


11 Month Boy

(Due to technical difficulties, this post is a couple of days overdue. Better late than never, right?) Isaac turned 11 months old on Friday. I am one stupified mom. This boy has gone through so much, and yet it has gone by in a flash. He is now crawling briskly and even pulling himself up on everything that stands still. The noises and laughter abound. BabababDadada...but no Mamamma. What's with that??? We are constantly amazed at how happy this guy is. He hasn't had the time to become jaded by life. I really hope that he stays that way. Isaac, we love you and will look forward to the coming months and years...


The best toy of all

Iris knows she's in trouble. You can just see it in her eyes. But at the same time, she likes the attention. Just wait until she loses some fur!

Miss me??

My mom hasn't been so great about putting pictures of me up here because she's too busy chasing me around. I'm a mobile guy now! Ok, so I have have a few things to learn, but it doesn't stop me from getting into trouble...



It seems that a tooth may soon be making an appearance. Not that the little bugger will let you take a peek. Any attempt to peer into his mouth is rewarded with a tongue thrust. But we can sure feel something. Razor sharp to boot!


He just keeps getting better...

Isaac will turn 8 months old on Sunday. Where has the time gone? It's hard to keep track with sleep deprivation and all. The 17 pounder has always loved to be on the move, but now he's able to do it on his own. Let's not call it crawling just yet, but he's doing his best to roll and scoot- making it impossible to turn our backs. In some ways I miss the sleepy, snuggly baby that he used to be, but the fun is just beginning!



That's Isaac-speak for I don't know what.


Open mouth, Enter foot

This is Isaac discovering his feet for the very first time at Grandpa Gene's house on Saturday. He was very determined to make the connection and prevailed, triumphantly slurping away at his toes. Way to go, Ike! Isaac's 7 month stats: Weight - 16lbs!! Height - 24.5in And some of his latest activities: - Likes sticking fingers (anyone's), toes and random objects in his mouth. - Has rolled over several times, but only when his mom was not in the room. - Exuberantly expresses his emotions, from squeals of delight to agonizing wails. - Talks up a storm - if only we knew what the heck he's saying. - Needs to be on the move at all times, preferably in the comfort of someone's arms. - Enjoys listening to music, especially Bob Marley. - Wakes up a couple of times per night just to make sure that mom & dad are still nearby. - Gobbles up rice cereal and is hoping his mom will give him oatmeal soon, too. - Loves it when his dad hangs him upside down and makes him a "flying baby."

Great-grandmas give the best kisses

Isaac and his great-grandmother, Dorothy.


De-lurk or Die!

In honor of Isaac's 7 month birthday tomorrow and the fact that it is National De-lurking Week, Isaac is asking all of his friends (and admirers) inside the computer to reveal themselves.
This means that if you are a regular visitor to the blog, please take the time to post a comment, question or suggestion- yes, even you Uncle Jonas! It's easy; you don't have to register with the site. And maybe you even have a solution for the formatting and archiving issues since Isaac is not yet proficient in HTML.
Okay, so you probably won't die if you don't do so, but Isaac may try to stick your fingers in his mouth and bite down really hard. Which would you prefer??


Another Mac Addict?

While we try our best to avoid watching television, I think the computer is going to be a little more difficult in this house...

The Inverse of Isaac

If your kid liked being hung upside down, would you deny him the pleasure?


Uncles can be a bad influence...

but they're also a LOT of fun!


He's a Babbling Baby Boy



Holiday Cheer

Peace and Happiness to all!


You've come a long way, baby.

We love you, Ike!


The start of something?

Isaac leans in closer, making Zofie a little uncomfortable...


That's the way we like it

The boy's been a bit fussy lately. It's hard to complain because he's not colicky by any means, but it does wear on a mother/father/grandmother. That's why it's so nice when he cracks a smile and sticks out his tongue. Makes it worth the extra effort. (T-shirt courtesy of Urbanbino. See link at right for more info)


Could this be Isaac?

It could, but it's Josh 30 years ago. The resemblance (other than his longer dark hair and Linda's '70 garb) is striking to me.


Dads: Are they silly or what?

The boys just hangin' out on the floor.